Ellie Perla

 Ellie Perla, on writing fairy-tale books as an artist: “The driving force behind my art is my love for beauty, cultural awareness, and harmony.  My books are a natural extension of this philosophy.  Intended to be experienced by readers of all ages, they teach the younger generation of readers life-altering values and a non-violent way of life.”
ALTAVARANIA by Ellie Perla

Three unusual friends journey to distant lands to find the seven fairies who once gave the ancient gardens of Altavarania their magic powers.  This story of adventure and discovery takes Leelas, Sun and Thunder in search of love, trust, joy, integrity, peace, hope and courage.  They will need these gifts to plant a new Altavarania in the land of Noaptea and save its people from perpetual poverty and war.

PAPOOK by Ellie Perla

Papook, the palace tea boy, has a troublesome habit of wandering off and hiding in all the wrong places.  When a bad turn finds him in the balcony of the courtroom, pretending to advise the king as the ‘Spirit of the Law’, his problems really start.  Luckily Old Ayo is always nearby to help with a wise solution.  But when the king’s palace is in real danger, will Papook’s audacious behavior turn out to be a burden or a blessing?  

The spell cast on little Olina plunges the Island of Yave deeper and deeper into darkness.  In this cold Nordic island, while growing up from a spoiled little toddler into a brave young lady, Olina searches for the three faces of her young life: joy, caring and wisdom, for a common good.

Trip, the little Troll, and Meric, the shy school teacher, are sent by the council of Inverlandia to recover the stolen "Book of Inver", their country's most precious posesion.  How will these two odd creatures fare in far-off lands where no other Inver has ever dared to adventure?  Will they come back defeated?  They are, after all, on the heels of the most grewsome armada of mercenaries!

Mihai, a seven years-old little savant corresponds with Radamel, his ‘pen pal’ from another galaxy who wants to know how to build himself a world as beautiful as Planet Earth. Through this correspondence, both boys learn about geography, the solar system, and the Universe; as well as about the importance of water resources, living creatures, and how precious human beings are.

“A long and sinuous Silk Road unites all our cultures, a road full of colors, hardships, and hopes.  If given the chance to travel this road over and over again, overlapping images would melt into a warm human fabric, full of labor, sweat and dreams.  This fabric inspires my work.  Its resilience is my hope for a common road into a harmonious future.” Ellie Perla