Ellie Perla

We have opened the coolest living room in town.  Our new ATELIER 1022 Concept Store (which occupies about half of the gallery) plus my little studio, is our new playground for friends, family and fans.  Our polyglot bunch reunites here at least once a months (mostly on the second Saturday of each month) to enjoy the eclectic living space, silent films, an open art-bar, music and "deceptively intellectual" gossip, among others.  Become our friend on Facebook, and find out about events and exhibitions - page: ATELIER1022.
ATELIER 1002 was the very proud host of the indie movie private screening USTUROI, or, in translation GARLIC.  This heart-felt comedy is the work of friends of ATELIER 1022, and additional details can be found on imdb under this link http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3627572/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1.  
Here is my review of this gem:
"After a private viewing the Romanian movie "Usturoi" (Garlic) I just wanted everyone to see it. Generosity and hospitality are ingrained in the country's traditions, a place where a melting pot of nationalities have survived together for centuries. The makers of this gem captured the essence of the Romanian and Roma spirit, with lovely sarcasm, sharp images and rhythms, and a superb cast of almost entirely amateur actors. Good - as in good-hearted - comedies are rare, and the wit and charm of this movie has a truly global appeal. Like Gadjo Dilo before it, it exploits the boundless and unedited way of expression of the modern gypsy, to which a good dose of match-making-family-feud is added, reminiscent of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the likes. "Usturoi" is for everyone who still believes in the human race. It will put a smile on your face."
"ArtPlatform is a simple idea with a big heart. ArtPlatform's role is to enable contemporary artists from around the world to offer a selection of their work for sale in aid of charity, while being a marketing tool for artists and an interesting online destination to visit and catch up on art for buyers, charities and the public.  ArtPlatform is a social enterprise, a Community Interest Company.  Lots of people aren't sure of what a CIC is, so here is a little info: There are 62,000 social enterprises in the UK, contributing over £20 billion to the economy and employing nearly a million people.  Social enterprises are businesses, but exist first and foremost to make a positive difference to society or the environment.  They reinvest their profits - shareholders don't make money from social enterprises. Some well know examples include The Big Issue and Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurants. They operate in almost every industry in Britain, from health and social care to renewable energy, from retail to recycling, from employment to sport, from housing to education."
"Iluminada" by Ellie Perla (acrylic on canvas), inspired nine poems included in the literary first edition book "Inspiration Speaks", published October 2011.
ATELIER 1022 offered free exhibition space to a select number of friends&family during the months of August and September 2012.  To become friends&family, please visit the social media pages of ATELIER 1022.  Interested artists will be selected by the curator and the artists in residence of the gallery for future exhibitions.  The invitation to participate is open to all kinds of artforms: graphic art, photography, video, music, performing art, etc. 
ATELIER 1022 Studio and Fine Art Gallery in Wynwood held literary events for children, to accompany the gallery's both LITERA events, in April and November of 2012.  During these early afternoon events coinciding with the Second Saturday's Art Walk in Wynwood, children were able to learn how to draw, listen to fairy-tales, and participate in free toy raffles.  For details on future events, please visit us on Facebook or contact ATELIER1022@aol.com.



“A long and sinuous Silk Road unites all our cultures, a road full of colors, hardships, and hopes.  If given the chance to travel this road over and over again, overlapping images would melt into a warm human fabric, full of labor, sweat and dreams.  This fabric inspires my work.  Its resilience is my hope for a common road into a harmonious future.” Ellie Perla