Ellie Perla

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A German-school critical theorist made use of mimesis as a central philosophical term, interpreting it as a way in which works of art
embody a form of reason that is non-repressive and non-violent. Aristotle defined mimesis as the perfection and imitation of nature. 
MIMESIS ARTIFACTS - this series of about 100 SHALS is designed to depict customs,
traditions, colors, impressions, tastes ... from many countries in the world
Shals are double sided do-shals, 18 inches by 72 inches
                    Afganistan                                                   Brazil                                                      Hungary                                                         Egypt
                      Ireland                                                   Kazakhstan                                                   Mongolia                                                 Morocco
                          Nepal                                                  Pakistan                                                        Palestine                                                Uzbekistan

These very large sarong designs can be used decoratively at home, or can be worn. Imprints are made individually and can be tailored to the needed size,
with or without a colored border

“A long and sinuous Silk Road unites all our cultures, a road full of colors, hardships, and hopes.  If given the chance to travel this road over and over again, overlapping images would melt into a warm human fabric, full of labor, sweat and dreams.  This fabric inspires my work.  Its resilience is my hope for a common road into a harmonious future.” Ellie Perla